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Iced Latte


Available: late March 2018 

Mmmmm...White Chocolate Mocha Latte, where premium white chocolate meets mocha, a harmonious blend of the best chocolate has to offer. Our Iced Latte line is less sweet than Frappuccino and provides a lower calorie pick-me-up. Try this limited edition flavor available through the summer. 

14oz bottle




Ginger Beer & Root Beer


Available: early April 2018 

We're proud to bring you craft sodas from Bundaberg! This family run company brews their ginger beers and root beer over three days and uses locally-sourced ginger and cane sugar. You won't find any artificial colors or flavors and they're GMO free. Try all three varieties: Ginger Beer, Diet Ginger Beer and Root Beer!

12.7oz 4 pack glass bottle




Almondmilk Smoothies


Available: late April 2018 

Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies are made with the same delicious Doubleshot coffee you love, blended with real fruit, smooth, creamy almondmilk, and sweetened with honey and real sugar. This satisfying grab-and-go beverage has the perfect blend of real ingredients to keep you going throughout the day. Made with real, natural ingredients and 8 grams of Protein.

10 oz bottle


New Multipacks


Available: late March 2018 

LIFEWTR is Purified Water designed to refresh the creative mind, restore the creative body and inspire the creative spirit. It's a purified, pH balanced water with electrolyte minerals for taste, featuring rotating artwork curated by relevant artists. 

You've showed us that you love LIFEWTR so we're bringing it to you in multipack options. Look for them in stores today!

1 Liter 6 pack bottles, 500mL 6 pack bottles



Cherry Guava Blend'r


Available: early April 2018 

Meet water's bubblier and more energetic best friend! Bubbl'r is an antioxident infused sparkling water with only 5 calories per can, now available in six delicious natural flavors with no artificial colors or sweeteners. Loaded with A and B vitamins with just the right amount of naturally sourced caffeine from white tea extract. 

12oz can






Available: late May 2018 

New Gatorade Zero has all the hydration and electrolytes of Gatorade Thirst Quencher but now with zero sugar! Available in three flavors to fuel: Orange, Glacier Cherry and Lemon-Lime. 

28 oz bottle

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Wild Cherry


Available: early April 2018 

It's the great taste of Pepsi with Zero Sugar and Zero Calories. And now it's available in delicious Wild Cherry flavor! IT'S CHERRY WITH ZERO ON TOP!!!

12oz 12 pack cans, 2 Liter bottles





Mtn Dew

Baja Blast


Available: late April 2018 

One of our most requested flavors is back for the summer! Mtn Dew's lime-flavored Baja Blast is back, but only for a limited time. Find it anywhere Mtn Dew is sold.

20 oz bottle, 12 oz 12 pack cans, .5L 6 pack bottles



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