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Providing our customers with a flexible, convenient, informative and user-friendly approach in placing Pepsi orders is a top priority for Gillette Pepsi.

Gillette Pepsi Portal, a web-based ordering system will allow our partners to increase ordering flexibility, invoice management, accounts receivable access and provides an easy way to view our vast product portfolio.

On April 1st, 2020, the current email system to place an order will no longer be available as we transition to the Gillette Portal.

Please contact your Gillette Pepsi representative as soon as possible before April 1st to ensure that your account is set up in the New Gillette Pepsi Portal so that you can enjoy the convenience of placing your future orders on your schedule.

As our partner and valued customer, you will continue receiving best in class service as well as regular access to a Pepsi Sales representative, in addition to gaining the flexibility of placing your orders at the time most convenient for you.

If you already have access, Go to Gillette Pepsi Portal.